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The Intellectual Property audit

An Intellectual Property audit for a business consists of examining and analyzing its portfolio of Intellectual Property rights in order to verify that it corresponds to the business's strategy and to identify any risks which may exist.
For example, this may involve verifying and/or analyzing the:

  • budget dedicated to Industrial Property,
  • existence of an Industrial Property policy,
  • situation of the inventors,
  • status of the process for all Industrial Property titles,
  • exploitation of these titles and in what form,
  • drafting of copyright contracts when necessary,
  • enforceability against third parties of license and transfer agreements,
  • status of license fees,
  • status of related rights (domain names, sign...),
  • identification of know-how.

The audit also concerns the organization established within the company to manage, for example:

  • new filings,
  • employees' inventions,
  • oppositions,
  • infringement watch,
  • verification of freedom to operate in case of a new product or method,
  • development of unused rights...

It is necessary to use the services of an expert for this, given the complexity of the field and in order to ensure the objectivity of the analysis.
These results will be especially useful in case of restructuring, or simply to "take stock" of this activity.

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